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BrDOOGU SX-826 Review

BRDOOGU Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Review

Great for working out, walking or just around the house. These were able to sync almost immediately with my phone and have great sound quality. Very intuitive and easy to use even without the manual. They retract easily and the earbud comes with adjustable pieces to better fit the size of your ear. They have a super long battery life (36 hours of continuous use) and fold us for easy transportation. It is lightweight and don't notice I'm wearing while walking. Tunes out environment noise fairly effectively. Great value for good headset.

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Tutorial: The Alfa Laval S and P Flex separation systems

The S and P separation systems are ideal for efficient cleaning of marine engines. This animation video gives a detailed view of the treatment process. Several of the unique Alfa Laval components are shown, such as the Alcap technology for monitoring of water levels. The unique separator technology ensures the highest separation efficiency. The CentroLock is a snap ring with features that protects the systems from wear and tear. The CentrShoot discharge system results in minimum oil loss and less wear on the bowl. With the S and P separation systems, Alfa Laval offers a solution that helps optimise operations while minimising environmental impact.




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